The projects Unfabled Circus”, Little stars” and ReenactorsPURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE BOOK 003

The printed edition, and web editionBerlin, Germany (Spring-Summer 2020)

The photo report about opera Rock Opera “Bloody Brains in a Juke Box” by Coney Island theater troupe. “” (03/05/2020)

The project “Unfabled cirrus” published by FOTODOC (04.21/2020)

The project Dance With Closed Eyes, “The Phoblographer“, USA (06/18/2019) 

The projects “Sisters” and “The champion after an accident”, “FOTODOC“, Russia (01/17/2018)

The Project Me, Natasha, “Paris Match Magazine” The printed edition, and web edition, Paris, France (01/26/2017)

More articles, interviews, and projects made for “Paris Match”, France (09/2014 -01/2016) :

The project “First look at America”,  “Special project”, Russia (01/2017)

The project “Transvestites”, “Bird In Flight”, Russia (12/23/2015)

The project “Simplicity Syndrome” , “博客天下  Chinese news magazine”, China (10/2014)

The project “Psychiatric Asylum”, China magazine “”, China (09/22/2014)

The project “Psychiatric Asylum”, “”, Russia (08/2014)

The project “Little stars”, “The Eye of Photography” France, (07/26/2014)

The project “Rite of Christening”, China magazine “IMGII”, China (07/2014)

The project “Simplicity Syndrome”, “”, Russia, (08/17/2013)

The project “Reenactors”, “The Big City Magazine”, Russia (08/2013)

The project “Little stars” “National Geographic”, USA (05/2013)

The project “Russian portraits”, “The Village”, Russia (04/2013)

The project “Russian portraits”, “The Big City Magazine” Russia (04/29/2013)

The project “Psychiatric Asylum”, “”, Russia (04/17/2013)

The project “Blind Photographers”, “”, Czech Republic (03/2013)

The project “My friend Masha”, “Newslab”, Russia (01/23/2013)

The project “Little stars”, “CNN”, USA (08/15/2012)

The  project “Daniel”, “CNN”, USA (10/13/2012)

The project “Daniel”, “World Press Photo”, Netherlands (2012)

The book with the project “Daniel”, “World Press Photo”, Netherlands (2012)

 The project “Transvestites”, “”, Russia (06/17/2012)

The project “Simplicity Syndrome”, “The Big City Magazine”, Russia (02/21/2012)

The projects “Little stars” and “My friend Masha”, “Silver Camera Award”, Russia (2011-2012)

The project “Little stars”, “YonneMag”, France (2011)

The project “Reflections”, BBC.RU, Russia (02/03/2009)

 The project “Russian Portraits”, BBC.RU, Russia (12/16/2008)